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Kinesio taping is a relatively new therapy that uses a very flexible tape to facilitate fluids and improve muscle function. When the tape is applied it starts to work right away helping loosen and support muscles and connective tissues by working with your body's natural movements. The tape has an elastic quality that applies resistance to help correct a dysfunction.

One of the most unique qualities of Kinesio taping is that it can be used in the acute, or initial, stages of an injury as well as post injury and chronic dysfunctions. This makes Kinesio taping a very versatile and effective treatment for all kinds of injuries and postural problems.

The tape is worn from 3-5 days. Daily activities such as work, play, showering, and work outs are not hindered by the tape. It is normal for the tape to start peeling off before the five days is up, the only thing that will impede the function of the tape is the application of lotions or oils. These will take away the adhesive quality of the tape.

In our office we use precut strips that are prepackaged with instructions which allows you the freedom of choosing to apply the treatment at home or you can have one of our therapists apply the tape for you.