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Cranio Sacral Therapy
is a non-invasive, fully-clothed, gentle modality.  Micro movements are used with a series of techniques and unwindings to relieve stress and pain.  This approach resets the body's balance and range of motion via the Cranio Sacral System and Central Nervous System. 

The Cranial Sacral System
is comprised of the membrane surrounding the Central Nervous System  and connecting the cranium to the sacrum.  It houses the brain, spinal column, and tailbone. This system regulates cerebral spinal fluid rythym/pressure, while providing protection, sensory feedback, cellular nourishment, elimination and more!
Cranio Sacral Therapy alleviates symptoms associated with chronic Pain, Stress, PTSD, Auto-Immune Disorders,
Trauma, Injury, Cognitive Dysfunction, Migraines, and Physical Ailments.

CST greatly improves mobility, mental clarity, creativity, anxiety and sleep